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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Out with the Old, In with the New

For as long as I can remember the Terem Emergency Clinic, founded by Dr. David Applebaum, was located on HaMem-Gimmel Street, sharing the building with Mada (Magen Dovid Adom).

Mem-Gimmel is equivalent to 43, and it is named after 43 people who drowned making their way to Israel.

But, Terem outgrew the building a long time ago, and now they recently managed to find new, more suitable housing just up the block on the corner of HaMem-Gimel and Yirmiyahu Street, still at the entrance to the City.

I haven't had the opportunity (or need) to check it out yet, but I hope to see visit and see their new digs soon.

Across the street is the Center-1 mall.

Once this was a failing mall, with a decent movie theater. Management turned it around, shut the theater and turned it into a very successful Chareidi (Ultra-Orthodox) mall.

Behind Center-1 is the Gates of Jerusalem (Sha'arei Yerushalyim) Hotel.

And of course from HaMem-Gimmel street you can see the bridge (lots more closeup pictures on that next week).


Sponsored by The House in Ein Karem

Sponsored by The House in Ein Karem