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Touring the Streets of Jerusalem - Together

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Lighting Up in the Old City

While there were signs up everywhere that the Old City would be closed and to use the free, public transportation to get there during the Passover holiday, the municipality forgot to mention that the roads around the Old City would be, for the most part, closed too, and just to avoid those areas if you were going out.

After some fancy maneuvering, we parked under Kikar Safra.

Every night, the city offered a spectacular lights and fireworks display all evening along the walls near Jaffa Gate (Sh'ar Yafo). People filled up the entire area to watch.

Even the tunnel alongside the Old City (between Mamilla and Jaffa Gate) was closed up and filled to capacity with people watching the extravaganza.

And of course, here is our regular update on the progress of the rebuilding of the Hurva synagogue.


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