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Wednesday, November 7, 2007

The Walls of Jerusalem

Of course, everyone visiting Jerusalem has seen the walls of the Old City, but there are some lesser walls that most people are not familiar with.

Not to scare anyone away from Gilo (which is a really beautiful and affordable neighborhood), but around 6 years ago, the neighboring residents of Beit Jala took it upon themselves to shoot at the residents of Gilo in a most unfriendly way, or at least at those homes that were at the border of Gilo.

In response, the IDF built a wall that goes (for miles) around Gilo to stop the bullets from flying through the homes.

Perhaps not the best response (but that is a political question, and not at all the point of this blog).

Meanwhile Gilo’s border residents were not particularly happy with the tall gray concrete pillars that now blocked their view.

Therefore, they took it upon themselves to spruce them up a bit with artwork. Each section of wall is painted with a different motif and by different artists.

So, I now present to you the (Other) Walls of Jerusalem.