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Touring the Streets of Jerusalem - Together

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Park Gilo

That's it! I've found what must be the best park in Jerusalem, perhaps all of Israel.

Hiding at the end of Gilo, is the Gilo Park.

To begin with, after driving around Gilo, I am convinced that it must be one of the largest neighborhoods in Jerusalem.

Make your way to the end of Gilo, passed the UpTown mall and you find yourself in a forested park.

This park is loaded.

Shoots and ladders, basketball court, climbing challenges, rollerblade paths, picnic tables, hiking paths, swings, observation points, and a ton of trees that make up the forest.

If you hike to the end of the forest you can see Malcha, the Zoo, and other parts of South-West Jerusalem.

I’m not sure how well known this park is to Jerusalemites outside of Gilo. I almost hesitate to mention it here, out of fear that it will suddenly become too popular.


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