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Touring the Streets of Jerusalem - Together

Thursday, July 19, 2007

The Mamilla Promenade

We just spent the afternoon in the new Mamilla shopping center.

Just opposite the Jaffa Gate and the exclusive neighborhood of Ir David, at the corner of King David Street a new shopping center has opened.

For the moment, parking in the clean, expansive, and well-lit garage is free and hopefully will continue to stay that way. The roof arcade is all that is open so far, and it is already filled halfway with clothing stores, cafes and restaurants. The layout of the mall itself is well done with an eye towards creating panoramic observations points all along the path between the stores – and even in the stores and shops themselves.

What was truly exciting was walking to the Jaffa Gate promenade and looking around at the view. What was once a dingy crossroad has turned in an elegant and attractive combination of beautiful buildings and green areas all directed towards and flowing nicely alongside the walls of the Old City.

There are even rumors that French investors are planning to take it further and turn Agron Street into an Israeli Champs Elysees.

While living in this particular neighborhood may be beyond the means of the average person (Israeli or tourist), the view and amenities are open to all to enjoy and appreciate.

I definitely recommend stopping here on your way to the Kotel.


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