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Touring the Streets of Jerusalem - Together

Monday, July 16, 2007

Jerusalem of Gold (and crystals, and beads, and chains)

We were eating in one of the many restaurants on Emek Refaim in the German Colony the other day. With us were relatives from overseas who hadn’t been in Israel in decades.

“Emek Refaim has turned into a little SoHo,” one relative exclaimed.

When she was here 20 years ago, almost none of this existed. Not the cafes, the restaurants, the boutiques and jewelry stores. It was more of a ghost street (to mistranslate the name – that story another time).

I think what most excited my relative were the jewelry stores.

One of her NYC suburbia neighbors travels to Israel nearly every month, buying up the unique jewelry on Emek Refaim.

She then resells in her NYC store for a nice profit. Sure she makes a pretty penny, but more so, it shows there is a big demand for the custom, beautiful jewelry you can only find on Emek Refaim in the Streets of Jerusalem.


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