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Touring the Streets of Jerusalem - Together

Friday, May 22, 2009

Jerusalem Day

The Jerusalem Day parade was yesterday, but today is actually Jerusalem Day - the celebrations are moved a day earlier so that the Parade doesn't happen on Friday (right before the Sabbath).

The Parade began on King George Street and ended at the Kotel by way of Agron Street.

All these pictures are from Agron Street.

I don't know how many people marched, but the parade took nearly 2 hours for everyone to walk on by. The entire road was packed from top to bottom (and on King George, Mamilla, all the way to the Kotel).

Many of the marchers in the parade held up signs supporting a united Jerusalem (and against a 2-State solution) as they passed the American Consulate on Agron Street.

The US Consulate, at the start of the parade

The bottom of Agron, where it intersects with Mamilla

The bottom of Agron, looking up to King George Street

Dancing during the Parade

A policeman breaking open and checking a suspicious vehicle alongside the parade route