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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Yes, we have a new mayor!

What a strange race for mayor of Jerusalem that was.

It primarily pitted the Ultra-Orthodox Meir Porush against the Secular Nir Barkat.

As neither candidate had enough votes from within their natural constituency to win, both heavily courted the swing National-Religious vote who did not field any candidate of their own at all.

Barkat won with 52% of the vote to Porush's 43% (Gaydamak got 3.6%).

Barkat, who made his money in some well known hi-tech ventures and was running for the second time around, has some large and grandiose visions for Jerusalem. In fact he was the candidate who most explicitly laid out his plans for this city.

In his victory speech Barkat said, “Tonight Jerusalem, Israel and the Jewish People have won.” Barkat went on to thank his associates, supporters and families.

Barkat thanked all for the “privilege to be Mayor of Jerusalem.” He called Jerusalem Israel’s eternal capital. He said that the victory belongs to all of Jerusalem’s citizens, those with knit yarmulkes, those with see-through yarmulkes, and those with black yarmulkes. “I will be mayor for all of Jerusalem’s citizens, Jews and Arabs alike,” Barkat said.

Good Luck Mr. Mayor.