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Touring the Streets of Jerusalem - Together

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Express Mail

In Israel, many common services are done at the Post Office. There is a Post Office Bank. You can pay your taxes and utility bills. You can even send mail.

The only problem are the lines. You can wait for a while just to pick up a single phone card or stamp, especially if it's around the time of the month when everyone's paying bills and taxes.

I was just in the Post Office in the Achim Yisrael Mall in Talpiyot. I needed to get a battery for my EasyPark, and to fill up my balance (EasyPark is a personal digital parking meter, that allows you to pay to park anywhere in the country).

I looked in dismay at the long line, until I noticed the vending machine in the corner!

Stamps, batteries, phone cards, all the small individual items you need but hate to stand on line for.

Now that's progress.