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Touring the Streets of Jerusalem - Together

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Under the Streets of Jerusalem

As you already know, not all the action in Jerusalem is above the ground. The other day I went exploring in Ir David – the City of David. The entrance is at the top of Ir David, opposite the Givayi parking lot and just below the Dung Gate of the Old City.

It’s been years since I was there (in fact I was there when they first opened the museum and all that was there were a few walkways). In another post I will show pictures from the museum, but now I have something just as interesting.

Part of the museum is Warren’s shaft, a Canaanite tunnel and Hizkiyahu’s tunnel – in which runs the Gihon spring and ends in the Shiloach pool.

The water is only deep at the very beginning, but the tunnel gets very tight and low at various points, so if you are going to do this hike take that into account. If you go during a rainy period, the water in the tunnel is going to be very high. If you didn't bring water shoes, they sell cheap ones at the kiosk.

At the end is copy of the original inscription left by the workers from the period of King Hizkiyah and the Shiloach pool.

Warren's Shaft

Canaanite Tunnel

Surprised tourists, not expecting that flash to go off

The Gihon Spring in Hezekiah's Tunnel

The inscription at the entrance to the tunnel

Kids wading in the Shiloach Pool

Shiloach Pool from above



Shmuel Browns said...

After traversing the passage that takes you down, under the City of David walls and back outside to the Canaanite pool area there are 2 ways out: 1) follow the Canaanite tunnel (dry) to Area E park 2) follow Hezekiah's tunnel (wet) to Byzantine Siloam pool. The City of David is the most excavated place in all of Israel. Even though I am there often (as a guide) there are often surprises, it is important to keep up to date. For these reasons, I would recommend doing the tour with a private guide or part of a group with one of the Ir David guides.