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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Har Nof Revisited

It was pointed out to me (quite correctly) that Har Nof isn't completely a concrete jungle, as the joke goes. After all it is surrounded by a forest. I guess that would make it more like a concrete oasis.

Below are pictures from HaAdmor m'Boyan Street. I believe this is the only street in Har Nof with private houses.


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Ben May said...

In fact, there is another street in Har Nof with private houses, not far from HaAdmor miBoyan, namely Ibn Danan St, also a side turning off Chai Taib St. It is a "no-through road", and it has been remarked by a rosh yeshiva whose yeshiva is on that street that, in terms of traffic, it is the busiest street in Israel per capita of residents.