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Touring the Streets of Jerusalem - Together

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Time Travel

Lying half hidden between Chabad Street and Hayehudim Street in the Old City is the Cardo.

Back when the Romans were still around, they used to build a main thoroughfare, called the Cardo, in cities they controlled. The Cardo ran North-South, and often a secondary road that went East-West intersected with it, but I am unfamiliar with any East-West road in the Old City, so we’ll leave it at that.

The Cardo itself was lined and filled with shops.

After Jerusalem was reunited in 1967, the Cardo was uncovered and refurbished. The section in the pictures below was left exposed. The rest of the Cardo was covered over by residential housing to create an enclosed semi-underground mall.

Parts of the Cardo are again lined with shops.

The columns you see below are designed in the Corinthian style.

In this picture we see the solid gold Menorah located in the Cardo.

Further down the road you can look down some tunnel and see even older and deeper parts of the road.


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