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Touring the Streets of Jerusalem - Together

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

It's All Right (Nachon)

You're probably asking yourself, 'S.A. Nachon Street'?
Where is that? Is it even on the map?

You'd be surprised to learn what a busy little street this is.

To begin with, it is the home of the Menachem Begin Heritage Center. Well worth the visit and tour (make an appointment in advance).

Then, there is the famous Bnei Brith Bridge which crosses over Derech Hebron.

And of course, you want to cross over the bridge, because on the other side is the Cinemateque (in the Kidron Valley).
And looking up at the bridge and at the continuation of S.A. Nachon Street you see the part of the neighborhood of Yemin Moshe known as Mishkanot Sha'ananim.

In the background are some hotels, and the famous Montifiore Windmill (right side, in front of the King David Hotel).

Still not sure where it is, or why you should visit?