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Touring the Streets of Jerusalem - Together

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Touring Latin America


We spent a few hours the other day touring Latin America.

In the space of a few hours we went to Chili, Mexico, Panama, Brazil and other countries streets. There is an entire neighborhood (Kiryat Menachem) and a half (Kiryat HaYovel) dedicated to Latin America in Jerusalem.

There’s even a reason for this. I just don’t know it (yet – can anyway help here?).

We start off our tour on Chili Street, best known in Jerusalem as the site of the “Mifletzet” (the Monster). This monster children’s slide was extremely controversial when it was first built, but now it has become a most loved part of the landscape.

Continuing to drive around we see Nicaragua and Panama Streets.

But it’s when we reach the corner of Mexico and Colombia does this neighborhood get really interesting.

Here we find the Mexico Park with one of the nicest children’s outdoor “shoots and ladders” structures I’ve seen in Jerusalem.

Finally, on this tour we have Brazil Street. Some of the buildings here reminded me of the movie with the same name.

Other streets we passed by included: Uruguay, Venezuela, Guatemala, and Bolivia.


(I apologize, we won't be able to get to see the upscale restaurant section in Jerusalem this week like I originally planned).

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Anonymous said...

All these South American countries were some of the countries that voted in favor of the establishment of the state of Israel in the UN vote, due to the credit of Dewey D. Stone, to whom a school was dedicated in that area, years later, in honor of his 70th birthday.