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Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Swimming in the Sultan’s Pool

OK. You can’t really swim in the Sultan’s Pool anymore, unless you count swimming through the masses of people visiting there.

Between Yemin Moshe and the Old City, in the Gai Ben Hinom Valley, the Sultan’s Pool was originally a (Herodian?) reservoir that was created by damming the South side of the valley. It lies at the corner of the Jerusalem Brigade Road and the end of Hebron Road (Derech Hevron).

These days it is used for concerts.

And for housing an Artist Colony (they have to put the artists somewhere).

Every evening this particular week it is used for the International Arts and Crafts Fair.

And did we mention the food?

By the way, the word for "Hell" in Hebrew is "Gehenom" and some Jewish traditions place this valley as the entrance. The reason this valley was associated with Hell was that in ancient times it is believed that idolatrous practices (particularly child sacrifices to Moloch) were practiced in this valley.

Big change.