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Touring the Streets of Jerusalem - Together

Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Spinning around the Old City

Driving clockwise around the Old City of Jerusalem on Sultan Suleiman Street gives you the opportunity to view some lesser known sites. The first thing you notice on the right is the busy Damascus Gate (Sha’ar Shchem).

It's busy down below. Trust me.

On the left is the amazing Rockefeller Museum – well worth a visit. But just before it remember to look right for the Cave of Zecharia.

Following the road around the Old City, one can see the Hebrew University campus in the distance, and the Mount of Olives and Valley of the Kings just below you on the left.

Before you reach Sha’ar HaAshpot (Dung Gate), make a left down to the Givati parking lot and take a tour at the City of David excavations in the City of David (Silwan) – you won’t be disappointed.


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Shmuel Browns said...

I think you mean Zedekiah's Cave, in Hebrew Zidkiyahu. Walk east from Damascus Gate along the Old City walls. There is an entrance fee (you can buy a combination ticket at Jaffa Gate that lets you do the Ramparts, Roman gate, Zedekiah's cave and Southern Wall excavations - a good deal).
The cave was discovered in 1854 by the American doctor and missionary Dr. James Turner Barclay while on a Sunday walk with his son and dog when the dog fell into the cave. The cave was used as a quarry of fine meleke limestone and extends under the Muslim quarter today all the way to the Sisters of Zion. As a licensed guide it's part of my Underground Jerusalem tour.