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Touring the Streets of Jerusalem - Together

Friday, July 27, 2007

Did you ever notice how hilly Jerusalem can be?

Did you ever notice how hilly Jerusalem can be?

It makes for interesting architectural and street designs.

Walking around the Talbieh and Katamon neighborhoods, if you pay attention, you can see that many building were specifically built at the top edge of each hills plateau.

They created a layered effect between streets, such that if you were standing on Tchernichovky street (the part considered Talbieh) you would see a row of building on each side of you. If you look down the hill you would see Herzog Street with its row of apartments. Between the rows of apartments is a unique green space (the same if you look up). The apartments, for instance, along Tchernichovsky street extend downward a few floors along the slope of the hill. The first sublevel may be another apartment; below that storage rooms, and below that open space under the apartment and then greenery.

This effect creates the layered look of the neighborhood streets; while the green area add the feeling of space, suburbia, nature, and even privacy.

I was in an apartment on Palmach street (Katamon) where the residents had converted all their storage rooms and green space into three separate apartments each with (effectively speaking) private gardens which they then rent out. It’s an interesting idea that you sometimes see repeated in this neighborhood.


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